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Stillness by AlexandreGuilbeault

Okay, first of all I have to say that the color in this image is absolutely stunning! Its all so vibrant and jumps out at you, be it th...

"Cosplay" by FroBoyX
by FroBoyX

Critiquing time!!! This is definately one of the best of this series of photos in my opinion. Its simple, yet intriguing because of it....

"Babbling Brook" by FroBoyX
by FroBoyX

Lesse, first off I have to say that this is a fantastic shot! Im sure you fiddled with it, but that's okay, that's part of the art! Now...

"I Heart Yosemite by FroBoyX
by FroBoyX

Ah, where to start? Lets see, I like the images for certain. I say images because of both the figure as well as the waterfall, but also...


Sleylock the Sorcerer and Blinkin by TriforceWarrior
Sleylock the Sorcerer and Blinkin
Hello! Got that ole Pathfinder inspiration a brewing here as this is my latest character Sleylock and his companion Blinkin the raven! Sleylock is a samsaran, for those of you who arent familiar, they have a few unique features, other than the blue skin, hair and lack of pupils. Whenever a samsaran dies, they are reincarnated into a new child with vague memories of their past lives, and Sleylock here may have already done this once or twice. Blinkin however has followed every incarnation of Sleylock here as a permenant guardian of the character for reasons known only to him.

I had a lot of fun with this one I must admit as I tried a whole lot of different techniques in terms of the shading of everything in it. A lot of the shading on the clothes for example was done entirely with multiple texture layers and erasing  the top ones to make them lighter. The hair I tried something new with it with very crisp highlights and Blinkin's colors are the result of me messing with a lot of different effects.

As always critique fairly and honestly, and of course, enjoy!
Sho Astor by TriforceWarrior
Sho Astor
Finally finished this thing! Been working on it a while and have been side tracked many times, once by the fact that I didn't like her face and opted to redraw it entirely.
That said, this is Sho Astor! My latest character in a Pathfinder campaign for Skulls and Shackles! She and three others were press ganged onto the pirate ship The Wormwood, where they're forced to become members of the crew. Sho is a Suli (part genie) monk of the lawful neutral alignment, though her pride and sense or right and wrong seems to have earned her the ire of a number of the lowlife's on the ship, including two of the rather nasty higher officers. She prefers to keep to herself, and even attempted to hide her gender from those on the ship to a deal of success for about 10 days before a nasty scream on the mast gave her away. This monk has muscle to spare and is always up for a fair challenge, though really she wants to get back to her studies of ancient cultures. Who knows when that will be as it doesn't seem like this pirate ship she's on is gonna let her off anytime soon.

First time in a while Ive actually been able to draw my Pathfinder character, I tried for the previous two, but they never seemed to come to me as well as Id like. (Really sad about Locksley) This was entirely done digitally, and I even added a few textures to her clothes to give them a little more pop.

I may draw the other characters in the campaign eventually, maybe after the mutiny.

Any other questions about Sho are of course welcome, and I hope everyone enjoys the image.

As always critique fairly and honestly, and of course enjoy. =D


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A Change of Mind

Sun Sep 13, 2009, 10:29 PM
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: "Even if it kills me" Motion City Soundt
  • Reading: A bit of a book that Ive had for to long.
  • Watching: the future
  • Playing: a number of nastalgic games
  • Eating: Nothing at the moment
  • Drinking: Iced tea

*hums a tune to himself*

You know what, Ive been in a bit of a slump for the past few months, of the artistic, the emotional, and the physical. But I suppose a number of things have helped me finally just say: "Fuck it, I'm gonna stop all that." Ive felt physically drained for as long as I remembered, and I'm gonna do my damned best to cut that out, Ive been getting chubbier as the time goes by but I'm gonna try and be more physical and get my body a bit more in shape. My stomach has been giving me problems for the past few weeks, and so I'm gonna try to eat a bit healthier, and NOT eat fast food nearly as much. I supposed Ive felt a bit inferior to other people, and felt sort of "old", but I think that's just a mentality, I'm only 22 for crying out loud, that's not old at all! It's all in my head. And the lack of art is a simple bout of laziness, I simply haven't finished any of the stuff I've started.

So you know what. I'm gonna try and do better, I'm gonna really get my things in order, and I think I'm actually gonna try to get back to school and get the hell out of my house.

To my friends and family who have tried to help me even though Ive seemed like a grump and a bit of an asshole I thank you. =D


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